PPDIUC 2015 - Vancouver, BC, May 24-28, 2015

Alaska Village Electric Cooperative and Cordova Electric Cooperative would like to thank all attendees and sponsors for a successful 2017 PPDIUC.

Please see below for links to many of the presentations from this year's conference: 

Utility Addresses
Alaska's Diverse Energy System, Meera Kohler, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative
An Overview, Clay Koplin, Cordova Electric Cooperative
Cordova Welcome Address, Clay Koplin
Diesel Power Generation in the Yukon, Norm Curzon, ATCO Electric Yukon
Overview of Remote Communities, Kraemer Coulter, Hydro One Remote Communities
Utility Update, Anne Malenfant, Hydro Quebec
Corporate Overview, Mike Ocko, Northwest Territories Power Corporation
Challenges and Possibilities, Jannik Kappel, Nukissiorfiit
Power in Nunavut, Andy Burns, Qulliq Energy Corporation


Utility Presentations
3 Shoulder Blade Falls, Clark LeMay, Hydro One Remote Communities
Accommodating Large Renewable Projects, Ralph Falcioni and Keith Barr, Hydro One Remote Communities
Colville Lake Diesel, Solar and Battery Hybrid, Ian Flood, Northwest Territories Power Corporation
Engine Reliability Committee Update, Norm Curzon, Manitoba Hydro
Future Proofing Islanded Power Plants, Bill Thomson, Alaska Village Electric Cooperative
Isolated Operations, John Polard, ATCO Electric
Key Performance Measures, 2009-2016, Anne Malenfant, Hydro Quebec
Modular Power Plants, Committee Update, BC Hydro
Operator/Lineman Development & Management, Ken Collier, Hydro Quebec
Scaling & Replication of Microgrid Projects, Kelly McCleod, Northwest Territories Power Corporation
Ulukhaktok Generator Failure, Kelly McLeod, Northwest Territories Power Corporation


Sponsor Presentations
Get Connected, Power Up, WAJAX, Michael Cuscus
The Future Backbone for Distributed Generation, Innovus Power, Paul Pauze'
History and Products, Simson Maxwell, Bill Slater
History and Projects, ADCO, Daryl Kruper
Robust High Penetration Micro Grid Solution, SIMMAX
Key considerations for Remote and Island Microgrid, ABB, Matt Nejati
Microgrid Technology, Caterpillar, Paul Newman
Off-Grid Power Solutions, BBA, Jean-Philippe Castonguay


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